FoU-virksomhet (research):

My research interest includes temporal data models, schema and ontology versioning, and Electronic Health Record.

Paper Integrated Electronic Health Record Access by Object Versioning and Metadata, in Local Proceedings of ADBIS 2006, Thessaloniki, Greece, September 2006. ISBN: 960-287-072-9. Online version.
Paper Long-term Temporal Data Representation of Personal Health Data, in Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3631 / 2005,  ADBIS 2005, Tallinn, Estonia, September 2005. Proceedings. ISBN: 3-540-28585-7, Springer.
Paper Temporal Storage and Representation of Integrated Health Data, in BalticDB&IS'2004, Doctoral Consortium, Riga, Latvia, June 2004. ISBN: 9984-770-12-5
Paper Evolving Document Type Definitions (DTDs) for integrated health data, NIK 2002, Kongsberg, Norway ISBN: 82-91116-45-8
FoU-prosjekt Sikker Interaktiv venteliste - i samarbeid med DigiMed / NTNU. Avsluttet 2003.



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